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In the last seven days (to be specific, since Monday), one or both of the heels from exactly THREE different pairs of my shoes have fallen off. For context, I own nine pairs altogether, so we are talking about a 33% Heel Failure Rate in one week.

The first pair (yes, both heels fell off at once) couldn't be put back on, so I have had to abandon that pair of shoes. The second (single heel) could, so I have. The third appears to have been lost this evening in a taxi (unless [ profile] captainlucy was successful at getting it back for me after I got out?).

Just what is going on here, exactly? Have the heels of my shoes been jinxed? Is it some kind of divine ironic punishment for the disparaging comments I have made about the horrible heels attached to virtually every pair of shoes currently available for purchase in the shops? Is fate playing with me - forcing me into a situation where I have no choice but to buy shoes with horrible heels?

And is it true that bad things always happen in threes, so that I can relax now that the danger has passed?

Answers on a lost shoe heel, please...

Update: The good news is that [ profile] captainlucy did manage to find last night's lost heel, so hopefully that's another one I'll be able to glue back onto the shoe concerned.


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