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Start of term = busy = also tired when not actually busy = still haven't finished writing up the Starburst Film Festival I attended in late August. Friday and Saturday are covered at the links; the schedule for Sunday is here, with what I did below.

Sunday schedule.jpg

Space-flight and puzzle games )

Interview with Toby Whithouse )

23. Aliens (1986), dir. James Cameron )

Red Dwarf series XI: exclusive first episode preview and interview with Doug Naylor )

Finally, it was time to depart, sad that it had already all come to an end, but already making plans for future fantastic film-related adventures as we bid one another goodbye. I'll certainly come back for another Starburst festival if they do it again next year.

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Sunday, 31 August 2014 18:01
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FINALLY, after several months of poor maintenance and two of total neglect due to Too Much Augustus, my house is once again in a sufficient state of cleanliness that I feel I could allow other people to enter it. Given that this morning it was still on 'Health Hazard - Keep Clear' status, this is a big achievement, and it has made me feel a great deal better about myself as a human being. Sadly, a few spiders were rendered homeless and / or underwent a vacuumy death during the process, but so it goes. It was a battle of wits in which only one of us could triumph.

Now, as my reward, I get to head over to Hebden Bridge for an evening of silly board- and card-games with miss_s_b, [ profile] A_C_McGregor, magister, [ profile] matgb and quite likely some other Calder Valley types. A lovely end to my little post-Augustan holiday, which I'm very much looking forward to.

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