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Last night, I went out to Intrusion wearing chunky boots and clothes decorated with unnecessary pieces of metalwork, and danced like a fiend amidst flashing lights and smoke machines to loud and rebellious electronically-amplified music.

Tonight, I'm going out to see The Messiah in a theatre designed by Sir Christopher Wren, wearing a Chinese top and an Indian skirt, in the company of several of the same people who were out at Intrusion last night. And still with the chipped black varnish on my finger-nails.

Though I am sufficiently culturally aware to see that these are two very different events, there is no sense of contradiction or even abnormality here. Both are equally valid and rewarding activities in my eyes, both draw on strongly-felt interests and both are relatively common occurrences for me. I'm so glad I have such a wealth of human expression and achievement available for me to play with.

Intrusion )

Corrective eyewear and Christmas shopping )

Iestyn Davies )

Oh, and I have now bought my ticket for B-Movie, so that's my definite plan for New Year's Eve now. Looking forward to seeing those of you who are going!
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*does the chapter-6-is-finished dance*

It's 3,500 words shorter than when I started (about 1/6 of its original length), and a damn sight better, too.

Not bad going, considering term only ended ten days ago. See what happens when I get a bit of time to do some real work? Pity I know perfectly well it was always going to be the easiest chapter to revise in the whole book. And that the hideous spectre that is chapter 4 still awaits me... :/

Feels good, though, and my timing r0xx0r, since tonight is Intrusion, so I get to go off and dance as a nice reward. 'Scuse me while I go paint my nails!


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