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Monday, 25 April 2005 14:48
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Those who are based in the Oxford area and are interested in the new texts deciphered from the Oxyrhynchus archive might like to see this lecture notice which I received today by email:

"The feature in the Independent on Sunday on 17 April has attracted a lot of interest, and Dr Dirk Obbink has agreed to give a follow-up lecture / seminar on these exciting developments. The title is:

'Last Tangle on Paros: A New Image of Archilochos'

and it will be given on Monday 16 May at 5 o'clock in the Harris Lecture Theatre, Oriel College. All are welcome."

The original Independent on Sunday article is linked in my previous post on this subject, but is now available in full only to online subscribers. However, the Papyrology team have now updated their web site to include their own page on the new discoveries.

I'm grinding my teeth that I can't go, but I'm not mean enough not to pass this on to others who can!
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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] aletharch, and reposted here because it's fantastically important:

New Classical texts being deciphered from the Oxyrhynchus archive at a rate of knots!

I think I probably need to go and lie down for a bit while I take the implications of this on board.


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