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Virtual glory to the first person who guesses correctly what I was trying to type when this came out:

It is deducible, but if you're still struggling in an hour, I'll edit in a clue.

Edit: No need for clues: [ profile] miss_next is teh win!

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[ profile] nhw, who's currently stuck at Heathrow, trying to get to Belfast on a flight that was supposed to leave at 06:55. Update: He's made it to Liverpool by train, and will sail from there overnight.

[ profile] violetdisregard, who's currently on a bus to I'm-not-sure-which-London-airport, planning to fly to New Zealand. And not just for a jolly jaunt, either: she is moving there for (at least) two years, and this is the day she picked to move. Oops. Update: apparently she's in the check-in queue now, and although the airline say there might be a delay, they're still optimistic enough to be aiming to set off on time.

[ profile] stompyboots, whom I've a horrible feeling is trying to get back from Ibiza today, and is quite probably relying on being able to work en route.

Fleur WINOLJ, who ditto north Italy, and who really hates flying even under normal circumstances. I mean to the extent that she has to take Valium to do it. (Despite being a travel journalist...)

Those remaining members of the summer school staff who were planning to fly back to the US today. (Thankfully the vast majority of the students went on Tuesday).

Anyone else who gets caught up in all this.

Still, it's a damned sight better than having to extend sympathies to 3+ plane-loads of dead people and their relatives.

Also: what happens when news agencies try to file their copy really quickly. And don't you just feel the pain of the young lady who commented, "Eight hours without an iPod, that's the most inconvenient thing"?


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