Tuesday, 4 May 2010 01:34
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There will be no research leave updates this week, because the master plan advises that May is 'probably a good point at which to take a clear, structured week off'. And this week I am taking that advice.

Holiday Tiems actually started late on Friday afternoon, when I set off for the station to catch a train to Tunbridge Wells for the wedding of [ profile] swisstone and [ profile] ladymoonray. I'd never been there before (and of course its reactionary reputation precedes it), but it is all very idyllic and leafy and Edwardian-looking. I stayed at The Royal Wells hotel, where allegedly Queen Victoria liked to go in her youth, but I expect her room was a little bit bigger than mine.

The setting and the ceremony )

The people )

As for the rest of the week, I have spent today busy doing nothing at all. Well, no - I have caught up on LJ, Facebook, emails and the weekend's TV, in between watching the snooker. That is still going on now, and looks like it could go on until about 2 in the morning. Both players are clearly very tense, and playing quite scrappily as a result. At the time of writing I think all of about 6 points have been scored in the last half-hour - or that's how it feels, anyway. But I do not care! I am on holiday, and can stay up as late as I like!

Snooker spoiler under here )

My main goal for the rest of the week is to de-blue my kitchen. Currently, it has duck-egg blue units, bright blue tiles, a pale sparkly blue floor, pale blue doors and blue walls. Even if I liked blue, that would be a bit much. Meanwhile, for some reason, someone has at some point chosen to paint the door-frames and skirting-boards a shade which the half-empty tin left behind in the shed reveals is called 'urban grey'. It's about as attractive as it sounds. So the blue walls and the grey woodwork are going, in favour of pale creams of the type which will complement the remaining blues without overwhelming the room.

I'm also having some local chums round for an election 2010 all-nighter on Thursday, in honour of which I shall be popping into town tomorrow to buy an assortment of red, blue and yellow sweets for consumption when the relevant parties win seats. It should be a good night - clearly it's going to be a very close-run election, and probably also one which has a major long-lasting effect on the political landscape in this country. It's not like the snooker, of course - it's our collective future at stake, not a shiny trophy. But all the more reason to go through it in the company of friends, I think.

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I'd never been on a hen-do before yesterday, and I don't think my introduction to the tradition was entirely a typical one either. But I enjoyed myself enormously marking [ profile] ms_siobhan's impending nuptials.

Gathering in York )

Afternoon tea )

Evening dinner )

Drunken but charming emo boy )

Sunday leisure )

ETA: Oh, by the way - did anyone who was in the restaurant find a purple scarf when you left? I'm pretty sure I left it on the floor by my chair. No worries if not - I think it only cost 99p in the first place. But it was deliciously soft and fluffy and a very lovely shade of purple... :-(

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Three years ago, I pondered what I might do on this auspicious date, but my ambitions did not extend beyond greeting the day at 08:08 (which I have, of course, now done).

Little did I guess that I would be doing so from a house in Leeds, or indeed that I would proceed that afternoon to York to celebrate the civilisation of [ profile] glitzfrau and [ profile] biascut. But, nonetheless, that is what I am doing - and I can't think of a better way to mark this once-in-a-century date.

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I've just spent a couple of days in England, attending the nuptials of [ profile] ajntornj and the delightful Lizzy Lee Stuart-Bennett. The wedding actually took place in a converted barn near Henley, although it was a lot nicer than that makes it sound. It was a long, half-timbered hall with dark wood flooring, hung with dried hops in tribute to the fact that it is now part of a winery and brewery. Everything happened in there: the wedding ceremony itself, the dinner and the dancing late into the night - the latter two of course fuelled by the fruits of the surrounding vineyards and hop-fields.

The journey there and the arrival )

The ceremony )

The photographs and the lunch )

The evening and the dancing )

Old friends )

The journey back and the next morning )

So that was my final visit home from Norn Iron, and next time I go back there, I'll be an Oxonian again. Only not quite the same, because this time round I'll be an Oxonian with a reason to visit Belfast. Here's to a new era of trips in the opposite direction.
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Hmm - with the arrival of another invitation today, I am beginning to feel a bit like a character from 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'. This is my wedding schedule as it currently stands:

March 28th: [ profile] p_dan_tic and [ profile] shewho
August 6th: my cousin Becky and anonymous (to me) gentleman friend
August 12th: [ profile] ajntornj and Lizzy

Just need one more wedding now, although I'd rather manage without the funeral. In fact, my great-aunt Nora was buried this very Monday, but since I didn't attend and didn't know her all that well, I don't think it really counts.


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