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... tonight is election night on The West Wing!

I hardly think the result is actually in doubt, but:

Go Bartlet! Four more years!

UPDATE: Man on Channel 4 announcing the programme this evening:

"First [before Friends] it's election night on West Wing. Now that's scheduling..."
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Just a general public service announcement, because I know there are people out there who, like myself, were very upset when it seemed that the new series of The West Wing was only going to be shown on E4.

It now begins this Friday at 19:35 on Channel 4 - whoop! Can't imagine what caused the change in heart from showing the last series late at night on something like a Tuesday, to putting this one on at prime-time on a Friday, but I ain't complaining.

Continuing on the TV-related theme, I know from episode guides that last night's episode of Six Feet Under, which I taped, is a very scary one in which David gets abducted and nearly killed, and has prompted much debate on US-based discussion boards. I shan't be able to see it tonight, as it's Sci-Fi / Goth night here in Belfast, but I'm hoping to get to watch it either tomorrow morning while I'm waiting for the NTL guy to come and install all my lovely cable-based goodies, or tomorrow evening (if he spoils the first plan by coming too early!). I hope it doesn't make me either a) paranoid that the NTL man is going to kill me or b) unable to sleep the night alone in my flat (depending on when I watch it).


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