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I'm pretty sure I'll never be more excited about a Christmas present than I was in the year (1985, I think) that my sister and I jointly received a My Little Pony Dream Castle from our paternal grandparents. This was at the height of the My Little Pony craze in the UK, and Dream Castle was the ultimate, top-of-the-range, much-coveted playset. Though we could buy individual ponies ourselves after a few weeks of patient saving up, Dream Castle was well beyond our wildest pocket-money dreams - so of course we had pined after it for weeks and could barely contain ourselves at the thought of actually owning it. And as our collection at that time was fairly small, consisting of perhaps 3-4 ponies each, receiving this huge exciting playset that was every MLP-loving little girl's fondest dream really did make a huge difference to the number of little characters we had to play with and the environments we could put them in.

It is of course symptomatic of what an expensive playset it was that even as a Christmas present it had to be shared between the two of us rather than given to either of us individually. I can report to our credit, though, that even though I was only 9 years old and my sister only 4, we did actually share it between us very fairly and politely, taking a week at a time to alternately 'own' the pony Majesty who came with it and her little pet dragon Spike. As an adult I suppose I could say that part of the reason I still remember that gift so fondly is that its shared nature symbolised what was really best of all about our My Little Pony play - that it made for a very successful bridge between two sisters who were quite far apart in age on a childhood scale, allowing us to come together in imaginative story-making and role-play, building cardboard houses, making clothes etc. But honestly as a child it was just all about owning the magic, and perhaps also having the prestige amongst our peers which came from having what was widely recognised as the coolest MLP playset on the market. If we had to share with each other in order to get that, then that was just a price worth paying.

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This weekend is Quiet. An oasis of calm amidst the madness. There's a bunch of stuff I could be going out to (in fact, should be going out to, really), but I'm deliberately dividing my time this weekend between venues no more demanding than my bed, my sofa, and my bath. Oh, and my computer, I guess...

I realised this week that there hadn't been a single weekend since I got back from Belfast when there wasn't something wonderful and exciting going on. Not to mention the wild and decadent shenanigans which had filled the weeks before I left NI. No complaints, obviously - I've been having a whale of a time. But there's only so much one little Penny can take, especially when she's busy managing 150% of a normal teaching load and spending 10 hours travelling a week. The result of late has been headaches, queasiness, fuzzy-headedness and posts like this.

So I'm taking a break from it all and spending some quality time alone with Me. But that doesn't mean I can't sit here planning further social joys for the future. So, without further ado, My Social Life For The Next 10 Months:

Halloweeny House-Warming )
Andreas Scholl )
La, la, la... )
Belfast )
Christmas Meal )
Dad's birthday )
Christmas itself )
New Year )
Dark Masquerade Ball )
Whitby Gothic Weekend )
My thirtieth birthday )
Mecon 9 )

And I think that is quite enough to be going on with, so I'm off to have a bath... Tinkerty-tonk!

Dring! Dring!

Tuesday, 11 October 2005 13:30
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Whee! My purple and black phone has arrived!

I have tested it out with the help of my mobile, and it works perfectly. Outgoing calls take about a minute to make, as you wait for the dial to rotate back round to its starting position after each number. But hell - when I was a kid, that was all part of the ritual of making a phone call. And when I tried it out in the other direction, and heard it ring for the first time, I actually jumped up and down with excitement! It sounds like a real phone. *nostalgic and slightly manic grin*

In pre-emptory celebration, I made a new icon of it a couple of days ago, which I now introduce here. This will also shortly become my new [ profile] sms_to_lj icon. It replaces Sophia Loren on the phone, which is sad, but I'm going to make a new Sophia icon soon and slot her in in place of one of the ones I don't really use, so she won't be lost forever.

Meanwhile, trying out my phone myself is all very well, but obviously nothing like as exciting as getting a Real Phone Call(TM). So if anyone is a bit bored, call me - please? Landline number is here.


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