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Right, I'm off away to Belfast for the weekend - or at least I will be if the traffic in Leeds city centre lets up enough for the bus to get out to the airport. I'll see some of you there. The rest, be good while I'm gone!

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I'm off to Bradford today for a day of exciting horror films - including Hammer's 'Dracula' on the big screen! Haven't seen last night's Who yet, as I was out showing our external examiners a good time, but various reviews I've read suggest that it's right up my street. If there's one type of story I love, it's a cabin fever story - like 'The Thing' or Who's 'Edge of Destruction'.

The early bird

Saturday, 26 April 2008 07:58
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Well, it was one thing being up and out of the house by 9 last Saturday. This week I'm on my way a full half hour earlier! What happened??? Theoretically, I am going to help sort out a colleague's computer in Harrogate - but I think the limits of my technical competence on that front may lie closer than he believes! :-/

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This is mainly a test post, really.

But while I'm at it, have a picture of the Choiseul Gouffier Apollo.

Choiseul Gouffier Apollo 4.jpg

ETA: OK, so lessons learnt - use <br> or <p> if you want line breaks, and don't try to get clever with links. The picture worked, though!


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