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Saturday, 8 April 2006 13:22
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I've just been on a round trip to the post office and Sainsbury's. This is worthy of note, because it is the first time I have left the house at all, for anything, since last Saturday evening. That makes six whole, complete days as a hermit: quite possibly the longest time I've been without leaving the house ever before.

It must be confessed that I fall a little short of true hermit status, because Fleur WINOLJ came round for a whole two hours on Wednesday night, and I have also been talking to people occasionally on the phone, as well as reading and commenting on people's LJs. Still, I've definitely been spending an unusual amount of time with no company but my own.

Damn fine company, too )

A bright spring morning in Oxenmaford )

My new trousers )

WOW! )

I'm always nervous about the fit of clothes when buying online, but these don't just fit me well. They fit me perfectly - like they'd been growed for the job (as my Dad says). They are also incredibly flattering to my figure, and will go very nicely with some chunky black and purple ankle-boots and a funky industrial black and purple jumper which I already own. I cannot, of course, attend Intrusion on Tuesday, due to the continuing hermitage. But you can bet your boots I'll be there for the May 9th one, and that these trousers will be with me. Oh, and I should warn any fellow attendees that, according to the label, these trousers are called 'Lust Pants'. Beware!

Well, I guess it's back to the grindstone, then. I'm currently writing about baths in the urban periphery - why they were built there, what they were like and what people did with them. Cheery comments to help me on my way much appreciated!
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My mother is about to turn 57 (at least, I think she is...), and while not utterly technologically incapable, is hardly a veteran surfer of the net. Hence, she had not met Ebay in any detail until somebody told her she might be able to get hold of a wildlife video she's after on it, and she phoned me to help her sort it out.

I am now bidding on the BBC's The Flight of the Condor on her behalf, and with luck should be able to acquire it for her at a fairly reasonable price.

This is her reaction after I'd explained how Ebay works, and then emailed her the link to the auction page above:

"I am amazed and fascinated by the Ebay thing. I realise that I could very easily get whipped up into that whole world. It's just the sort of thing I love. It's a good job I feel I've got too many possessions already and have to avoid my buying instincts."

Who's willing to bet she'll be setting up her own Ebay account before the year is out?


P.S. I know it is strictly 'eBay', but I refuse to patronise words with unnecessarily aberrant capitalisation.


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