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Today has been mainly about settling in. I learnt to use my new washing machine, did a proper shop at Morrisons (conveniently situated only 5 minutes from my flat), and got stuff ready for work tomorrow. And, more importantly, I started meeting new people.

[ profile] stompyboots pointed me in the direction of a Leeds-based LJer named [ profile] gillywoo soon after I got my job here, so we've been getting to know each other online for some months. And once she knew I'd arrived safely, [ profile] gillywoo very kindly got in touch yesterday to invite me out for Sunday lunch with a few of the local goth / geek types. We went out to a pub in Wortley, where I was able to put faces to some of the names I've been meeting through live journal, and eat a nice big roast dinner to boot - bargain! Everyone seemed like good, genuine people who I could get to like a lot, and I really appreciated being invited along.

Incidentally, for [ profile] big_daz and [ profile] glennkenobi, who were interested when I mentioned it at lunch, I include here the link to the Surname Profiler Project, which I saw originally on [ profile] poliphilo's journal. Just click on 'Start a surname search' in the top right-hand corner to find out where in Britain your surname was most common in 1881 or 1998, its frequency in the population and the ethnicity of first names associated with it.

The week ahead seems very full of long events I have to attend - mainly induction-type stuff. But it's all about finding your feet, isn't it, and I'm sure it'll be useful. Plus it looks like I'll be having lunch with another new resident of the city, [ profile] themonkeypolice on Thursday, and it's one of the local goth nights, Friday Flock on, well - Friday!

So, all in all, I can't complain.


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