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First choice: Nightmare Before Christmas, especially for the song 'Kidnap the Sandy Claws'.

But if that doesn't count because it is really a Halloween film, then my second choice would be Edward Scissorhands, for being one of the best 'outsider' films ever made and having Vincent Price in it to boot.

And if that doesn't count because only the framing narrative and a small part of the main story is set at Christmas, then I think I would have to go for Elf. I wouldn't call it high art, but it does strike a very competent balance between silly fun and its own outsider story with a touching narrative of simple love and trust triumphing over cynicism. Tip the balance just one degree in either direction and it would immediately become unbearable, but as it stands it is a good watch.

All that said, next Wednesday evening I am going to see White Christmas at the Cottage Road Cinema with the lovely [ profile] ms_siobhan, so maybe I'll come away from that with a new favourite Christmas film?

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Wednesday, 31 October 2007 22:01
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I am disappointed.

See, now that I live in my own house instead of a flat for the first time ever on Halloween, and in a reasonably family-ish neighbourhood, too, I figured I might get kids round trick-or-treating. So I was ready! I had a huge bowl full of yummy treats. And I made sure I left the porch light on, and all. But no children came. :-(

I wanted to ward off evil spirits with propitiatory offerings, dammit!

I guess now I will just have to eat all those sweets myself...


Saturday, 29 October 2005 18:52
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Ah, it's the one weekend of the year when you can go out Gothed up to the nines and not attract the usual sneers and jeers. In particular, the old classic "Halloween was last month" is not valid this weekend. Ha-ha.

I'm off to a Halloween-themed house-warming party in Kidlington, going as A Person With A Bat On Their Head.

Hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you are doing!


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