Monday, 26 December 2005 18:06
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Time to mull over the presents, then.

Gave )

Received )

All in all, a very fine collection, then, and I can definitively count myself well out of the whopping 45.2% of my Christmas poll respondents who confessed to getting a present they really didn't want.
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Actually, I don't know what made me think that would be half an hour long. Inattentive reading of the TV schedules, probably. Very good, anyway: crazy!Doctor, and a chance at last to see Rose's (very plausible) reaction to seeing the Doctor go all explodey and then change into someone completely different in front of her eyes. Can't wait till the Christmas episode now. I think David Tennant's Doctor is going to be fun.

Also, I forgot to mention earlier that I got new shoes in the post today. These ones (in black of course). Sexxay! And also smart enough to wear to work. :)

Plus (as if that weren't enough) a fabulously cool glow-in-the-dark LGBT wristband, sent by [ profile] bethanthepurple! Groovay!

Dring! Dring!

Tuesday, 11 October 2005 13:30
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Whee! My purple and black phone has arrived!

I have tested it out with the help of my mobile, and it works perfectly. Outgoing calls take about a minute to make, as you wait for the dial to rotate back round to its starting position after each number. But hell - when I was a kid, that was all part of the ritual of making a phone call. And when I tried it out in the other direction, and heard it ring for the first time, I actually jumped up and down with excitement! It sounds like a real phone. *nostalgic and slightly manic grin*

In pre-emptory celebration, I made a new icon of it a couple of days ago, which I now introduce here. This will also shortly become my new [ profile] sms_to_lj icon. It replaces Sophia Loren on the phone, which is sad, but I'm going to make a new Sophia icon soon and slot her in in place of one of the ones I don't really use, so she won't be lost forever.

Meanwhile, trying out my phone myself is all very well, but obviously nothing like as exciting as getting a Real Phone Call(TM). So if anyone is a bit bored, call me - please? Landline number is here.


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