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We're in. Completely moved. We did it, and we're here, and I own it, and now I get to live in this beautiful house for as long as I like.

Final stages

Wednesday, 30 August 2006 08:19
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Right then, I'm packing up the computer. You'll probably hear from me via sms_to_lj, but otherwise assume I'm incommunicado for the next few days.

See you all on the other side!

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Now on train back from Leeds. A very successful day - even met the seller, who turned out to be really nice. And saw Antinous exhibition!

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Woot! I have prepared two classes' worth of stuff for the summer school today. That plus the fact that there isn't a class on Wednesday morning means I now don't need to do any more work on it (other than teach the actual classes, natch) until Wednesday itself, when I shall begin preparing Thursday's class. And there are only three classes this week anyway (four is more normal), so by 9:30am on Thursday morning, I'll be done for the week. Should stand a real chance of getting some of my own stuff done this week, then.

Backtracking a little, Smell tests in Warwick )

Purcell's Fairy Queen )

Framing, furnishings, chocolate and Dr. Who )

So, quite busy, and I'm pretty tired (as ever!), but feeling much better about things now. The summer school nearly got on top of me the week before it started, but I've turned things round now, and I'm definitely back on top of it. Now time for an early night, so I'm ready to teach again tomorrow at 8:30(!)...

60 hours

Wednesday, 31 August 2005 09:44
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Pretty much all the companies who really need to know I'm moving now do, although I still haven't managed to get through to an actual human being at Nationwide. My office is packed up; the house is starting to happen today. Got up bright and early this morning to go to Tesco's and pick up some extra boxes, and since then it's been coffee and getting down to it.

Last night I went out for dinner with [ profile] davesangel at the Apartment, a funky little bar-restaurant in town where they do a damn fine two-course meal for two plus a bottle of wine for £28 all told. They have large plate-glass windows overlooking the splendid neo-classical City Hall, and we were lucky enough to get placed at a table which must have had one of the best views in the venue. It's almost like the waiter knew I was going. We gossiped, giggled and discussed HP fanfic, while the sun faded from the sky and the lights came up in the square below. Afterwards, I walked home rather than get the bus, for the sake of some final quality time alone in the dark with Belfast.

It seems that almost everything I do at the moment is unpleasantly overshadowed by the word 'Last'. There was my Last Lecture back in June, my Last Cornucopia almost a month ago, my Last Supervision on Friday, giving back my Last Library Book and having a Last Hot Chocolate in Café Conor yesterday, my Last Time in the city centre last night, several people I know I've already said my Last Goodbyes to, and a whole slough more to add to that by the end of the evening - for tonight is the Last Sci-Fi Meeting.

I am going to get tearful by the end of this week: I can feel it coming.

Friends here in Belfast are plotting to sabotage the ferry which will take me away on Friday night so I can't go, or offering to murder my choice of the QUB Ancient History staff so I can take their jobs and stay on. Then again, on the other side of the equation I'm starting to get texts, LJ comments and emails from people in England checking when I'm coming back, and telling me how excited they are about it and what we'll do when I've returned. I already have the St. Giles' fair to look forward to next Tuesday, and B-Movie the following weekend.

Keep it up, English people - it means more to me than I can say right now.
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I have arrived safely in Belfast, and found a flat so quickly that I didn't have to stay in the hall of residence even for one night after all! Even the estate agents agreed it was probably their quickest ever time from a viewing to handing over the keys: saw the place at about 2:30, had the keys in my hand by 5, and had all my stuff in there by 7.

I'm in an exorbitantly-priced internet cafe at the mo, but should have proper regular access from work at least from next Tuesday afternoon. Home could take longer... it's complicated!

Will look forward to seeing Belfast types at [ profile] damien_mocata's birthday shenanigans tomorrow.
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I'm sitting in front of my computer writing an inventory of stuff that's being left in my flat for the tenants, and when that's done, it's getting packed up ready for The Big Move tomorrow. We sail at 10:30 tomorrow evening, and I'll arrive in Belfast frighteningly early on Thursday morning.

I am slightly panicky about getting the packing finished in time. Although everything you could reasonably be expected to think of is now packed, there remain many things I'm only just thinking of, because they are so basic I don't normally realise they are moveable possessions rather than fxtures. E.g. the soap-dish, my clothes hangers (half of which are staying) and my bedside radio.

Well, it may be a late night, then...

Anyway, it will happen, so see you all again in Belfast, either virtually or in real life!


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