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This weekend is Quiet. An oasis of calm amidst the madness. There's a bunch of stuff I could be going out to (in fact, should be going out to, really), but I'm deliberately dividing my time this weekend between venues no more demanding than my bed, my sofa, and my bath. Oh, and my computer, I guess...

I realised this week that there hadn't been a single weekend since I got back from Belfast when there wasn't something wonderful and exciting going on. Not to mention the wild and decadent shenanigans which had filled the weeks before I left NI. No complaints, obviously - I've been having a whale of a time. But there's only so much one little Penny can take, especially when she's busy managing 150% of a normal teaching load and spending 10 hours travelling a week. The result of late has been headaches, queasiness, fuzzy-headedness and posts like this.

So I'm taking a break from it all and spending some quality time alone with Me. But that doesn't mean I can't sit here planning further social joys for the future. So, without further ado, My Social Life For The Next 10 Months:

Halloweeny House-Warming )
Andreas Scholl )
La, la, la... )
Belfast )
Christmas Meal )
Dad's birthday )
Christmas itself )
New Year )
Dark Masquerade Ball )
Whitby Gothic Weekend )
My thirtieth birthday )
Mecon 9 )

And I think that is quite enough to be going on with, so I'm off to have a bath... Tinkerty-tonk!


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