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Friday, 10 November 2006 12:31
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So I get back from a rather wearisome training morning, and what do I find in my pigeon-hole?

This )

My copy is an advance - it actually becomes available to the general public from 1st December onwards. But, fundamentally, I am now a real, live published author. Wow!

NO-ONE need feel obliged to buy this just because they know me. But if you're interested I can a) give you a bit more of an idea of what's in it than the web-sites do, so that you can decide whether you'd like to buy it or not, and b) order it on your behalf at a 30% discount (i.e. £35 rather than £50).

In the meantime, please excuse me while I go and spend the rest of the day on an excited high...

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Sitting by the Trevi fountain. Children playing in the water. All around the basin feet dangle over the edge. I don't ever want to leave!

Rome sweet Rome.

Thursday, 15 June 2006 10:08
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OMG I'm going to Rome!
OMG I'm going to Rome!
OMG I'm going to Rome!



Back late on Sunday.
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I am back from Bristol now, and it was great! However, it was so great that I am totally cream-crackered, and not remotely up to doing it justice in a post. So, instead, I am going to rewind to Thursday evening, and a garden party which I attended with Fleur WINOLJ.

The event took place in the Cathedral Gardens in Christ Church: particularly special for us, what with us both being former members of the House. They are reputedly the gardens on which C.S. Lewis (oops!) Lewis Carroll drew for Alice in Wonderland, and are usually out of bounds to mere student scum. Although Fleur had been in them before (to perform as the Queen of Hearts in a play of the same), I never had in my life, so I could very much sympathise with Alice's long quest to get there.

The goal of the evening was to Save Venice by raising lots of lovely money. So we set to work, content in the knowledge that the more we drank, the safer Venice would be. The evening went on until gone midnight (although we decamped from ChCh to Corpus Christi gardens with Fleur's friend Michael around 10ish), and it was so warm I didn't even think of putting my shirt on until gone 11. Along the way, we drank Bellinis, ate strange fennel-flavoured biscuity things, bitched a lot about other people's dress sense, and took these photos:

Fleur and I revisit the old Alma Mater )

Fleur enjoying her Bellini )

Me, communing with nature )


Saturday, 22 April 2006 21:13
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Oh. My. God.

I have written a book.


No, I definitely have. There it is.


This is certainly turning out to be an incredible year for me.

I can tell that I've written a book, not just because I've got to the end. But because I really feel that I've said everything I have to say about Roman suburbs. That's it now. There's nothing more to add. It's all in the book. And, bar a few final tasks, and perhaps the odd extra word chopped out here and there, it's ready to go out to the world.

The first sentence reads thus:

"A Roman city, like a text, a vase or a statue, is an artefact of the society which produced it."

and the last one thus:

"Thus it is in their use of the urban periphery as a place for constructing monumental public buildings that the relationship with Rome can best be traced."

If you want to find out what happens in between, you'd better join the queue to buy a copy, hadn't you? ;)
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Nothing spectacular - just one of those days that you feel good about at the end of it. So far, it has gone like this:

Morning - made good progress with chapter four. Finished the process, started yesterday, of collapsing the first 3000 words of it into 2000 better words. If things continue at this rate, of both speed and reduction, I've a good chance of finishing according to my current schedule (i.e. by April 18th).

Lunch - ate microwaved remains of last night's Taste the Difference goat's cheese and red pepper pizza. Yummy.

2pm - met [ profile] stompyboots for coffee. Chatted about Leeds (which for some reason I kept calling 'Liverpool'), book, laptops and her current crush. It felt like a high-quality, well-deserved break after a productive morning - rah!

3pm - headed for the library. Continued to be happily productive. Tracked down useful and interesting references easily and efficiently. Left feeling I'd made significant progress.

5pm - bought tasty things at Sainsbury's and took them home.

And now, [ profile] davesangel will be arriving shortly to stay over for the night! I haven't seen her since December, and am really looking forward to spend the evening eating some of the tasty food I bought earlier and chatting together.

So, in short - hooray!


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