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I've been doing some more painting: this time, the gloss in the back bedroom. It seems to take forever - at least if you don't want to splurge unwanted gloss all over the walls that you have only just finished painting the week before. So I have been working my way through the pick of the last week's worth of Radio 4 comedies, and also the following Who audios:

Radio Play: Regenerations (2001) )

Fourth Doctor: Genesis of the Daleks (1979) )

Fourth Doctor: Exploration Earth: The Time Machine (1976) )

Fourth Doctor: Doctor Who and the Pescatons (1976) )


Monday, 27 June 2005 12:04
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Q-Con was lots of fun at the weekend, although in the end it turned out I didn't really need to get too worried about the panels. So many role-playing games were going on all over the place that no-one really had any time to come to Sci-Fi discussion panels, so we just spent most of our time chatting, playing games and manning the Sci-Fi stall instead. [ profile] finthecat and [ profile] damien_mocata were even filmed at one point for the official Q-Con video, talking about what the society does (and very eloquently, I must say).

I enjoyed observing the general geeky joy of the whole occasion, and even played a role-playing card game for the first time in my life (although it was a rather light-weight and self-referential one, called Munchkin Bites). I did OK, and got to be a vampire for most of the game, but [ profile] damien_mocata won in the end.

Lots of role-playing stuff was on sale, although most of it didn't really mean much to me. I was however, very impressed by the fluffy d10 I found for sale on one stall (rather like the ones in the set shown here). If I had a car and was a serious role-playing geek I would so buy a matching pair and hang them from the rear-view mirror. But unfortunately (or fortunately?) I don't qualify on either count.


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