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OK, officially at the moment I am Too Busy To Post (but busy with exciting cutting-edge teaching that I shall write all about later, so that's OK). But I just had to drop by and share the love about a very exciting episode that's just been filmed for the next season of Doctor Who.

I can't really say much about why I'm so excited without spoiling those who prefer to remain innocent. I'm even going to keep the tags neutral until the episode in question has been screened. But let's just say they are pressing some particularly Pennyish buttons with this one.

*runs off squeeing loudly*


Friday, 13 October 2006 15:39
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You guys were going to blog next Tuesday anyway, right?

So why not help out The National Trust and the History Matters society, and cross-post your entry to a national snap-shot archive of life in Britain on Tuesday October 17th 2006?

Just think, you could be forging the history of the future!

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Asthma UK are currently conducting a census to see how well people across the UK (and it does include NI) are controlling their asthma. You can take part here.

I scored 22, basically meaning 'OK, but could do better' (which I knew already). They don't quite make it clear whether higher scores are good or bad, but I think it's the latter - certainly, my score is a little higher than average, which fits with the not-quite-having-it-under-total-control thing.

The thing is, keeping it under total control means inhaling a mild dose of steroids every day. I do do that during the winter, but during the summer my asthma isn't actually that bad, so I prefer to just suffer the occasional very minor attack. I'm not sure whether that makes me irresponsible or not, but it doesn't interfere with my life, so I'm happy with it.
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If you live in, or spend much time in, Oxford, please read this post by [ profile] diffrentcolours detailing a scam regularly perpetrated in the city centre. I've had it done to me twice, and also seen (and, happily, prevented) it a third time. He's also had it twice now, and if you scan down the comments to his post, you'll see that many others have too.

The more people know about this sort of stuff, the harder it is for the scammers to get away with it - so please, pass it on!


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