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Still with the muscle aches and general tiredness. I do think it is starting to get better at base level now, but between the approach of term and me wanting to go off a lot at weekends and Do Things, I suspect I am also cancelling out a lot of the gains. So this morning, the first time for three weeks that I haven't had to set an alarm, my eyes gradually opened at around 11:30am. Which is fine, because my whole plan for today was to Do Nothing, but I clearly need a few more of those.

Anyway, by around 13:30 I had eaten some breakfast and read the internet, and was looking for something nothingy to do, when I came across the Eruditorum Press Doctor Who Poll. Perfect! I have now voted, and since I started out by writing up a short-list of stories and ranking them, I have a record of what I chose which I may as well preserve here. Votes in different categories, including brief recaps of the poll rules, under the cuts.

Best televised Doctor Who story - five points )

Nineteen other top televised Doctor Who stories - one point each )

Twenty also-rans - nul points )

Top five non-televised stories )

Five hate votes )

Best People etc. )

Polls close at the end of September, and the results will be on the Eruditorum blog over the course of October, apparently.

Click here if you would like view this entry in light text on a dark background.

Face of Boe poll

Thursday, 21 June 2007 10:25
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Because this week is seeming ever so long, especially for a girl who at the worst case scenario won't actually get to see this weekend's episode until the evening of the following Friday - a poll about the true identity of the Face of Boe to keep us going:

[Poll #1007209]

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2050 years ago today, folks.

(If you're confused about how the maths add up, there, remember that there is no Year 0).

To mark this momentous occasion, let's see if you know more about Julius Caesar than the average first-year Ancient History student:

[Poll #947018]
Answers and explanations will be posted later today.

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So Gordon Brown is concerned that the union between England and Scotland is under threat.

What do you think?

[Poll #905956]

Sorry - there are no snowflakes here.

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It's funny how your behaviour changes with your environment. I have Spider Solitaire on my own computer at home, but never play it, thinking it dull and boring. When I'm at my parents' house, though (as now), I hardly seem capable of going to bed without first playing, and winning (playing alone will not do) a game of it. It is just part of my bedtime ritual in the room where I sleep when I'm here.

And it leads me off on strange trains of thought like this:

When I was young, and playing games of Sevens Patience (now more usually Americanised to 'Solitaire') on the carpet, I very quickly developed marked value judgements about the various suits in the pack. These were based mainly on the division between red and black, but even within each colour, one of the suits appeared to me to be distinctly superior to the other. One colour I related to, and thought strong, good and worthy of victory. The other, I saw as alien, weak, unreliable and generally best avoided.

The pictures on the cards did help to forge these judgements, as did a knowledge of things like Alice in Wonderland and the nursery rhyme about the Jack of Hearts. So it's likely that more than the 50% of the population whom probability alone would suggest might share them actually do. But let's see, shall we?

[Poll #885480]

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I'm still watching obscene amounts of old Buffy and Angel episodes: this weekend mainly Angel on the Sci-Fi channel. I contest that this is Good and Healthy, since it's about the only thing that allows me to switch off properly in between work for the summer school. So that's OK, then.

In the process, I've developed quite strong views about which are the best seasons of each. And I wanted to know what the rest of you thought. So there's a poll beneath the cut where you can tell me:

[Poll #777128]


Tuesday, 27 June 2006 14:19
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I really need to buy a printer. Quite urgently, actually. Please convey your printer-related advice to me via the poll below:

[Poll #757065]

I am also interested in views on the relative merits of straightforward inkjets, straightforward laser printers and 'all-in-ones' which copy and scan as well as printing. Do comment if you have thoughts on any of them!
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Uh-oh. We were going to do our Christmas duck with an orange and port sauce. But when you find yourself uttering sentences like, "Well, are we still going to glaze it with marmalade, or do that with apricot jam as well?", you know insufficient forward planning has been engaged in. Never mind. I'm sure apricot jam will be just as good.

The stockings this morning were well-received, and giving them certainly generated a pleasantly warm glow for this year's Santas. And my haul of tree presents this year was fantastic, too! More about those later, when I've had a chance to play with them properly. For now, a poll on Christmas-or-similar traditions in your household:

[Poll #640025]
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Saturnalia is sorted: off to a cottage with the Bristol Bunch.

Christmas is sorted: parents.

But I'm still pretty vague about what to do with my New Year's Eve. I find myself looking in the London direction, since I know I owe the people of that fair city a visit. And I'm aware that there's a New Year's B-Movie going on. So:

[Poll #632064]

Edit: And, of course, option 2 on question 1 should read 'I might if I can still get a ticket'. Bah.
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Well, last Friday's poll about scones did nothing to help me understand where each of the two main pronunciations is most common, or even whether the choice between 'skoan' and 'skon' is a matter of geography, or class, or what. Some people apparently believe that 'skon' is northern and 'skoan' southern, and some the complete opposite. The only mild points of agreement were a belief that people in Scotland are more likely to say 'skon' than anyone anywhere else and apparently also a marked preference overall for pronouncing the word as 'skon'.

On this latter issue, I believe that you are all Wrong. But while I'm not really bothered about 'right' and 'wrong' pronunciation in this case, I've still got a bee in my bonnet about what exactly it is that distinguishes a 'skoan'-sayer from a 'skon'-sayer.

So I am now presenting TWO separate new polls, in an attempt to find out what's at the bottom of this. This time, I am not asking about what you believe people in other parts of the country say, but only about what you say.

This is how it works: the top poll is for anyone who grew up, for the most part, north of Birmingham. Do not answer it if you grew up south of Birmingham. For you, there is the bottom poll.

Birmingham is a good point at which to divide the country in half, because I was born there, so clearly it is Very Important. If you actually grew up in Birmingham (like me), you may decide for yourself whether you feel that, on balance, you are more of a southerner or a northerner. If you grew up in Scotland or Northern Ireland, I'd say you're pretty definitively northern. The Welsh, like the Brummies, will have to make their own minds up, though, as a line drawn due west of B'ham probably doesn't have much meaning once it hits Wales.

You can also use your own judgement to decide what constitutes 'growing up' somewhere. E.g. if you were born in Newcastle, of local parents, but moved to Devon at the age of 4, you will have to decide whether your parents or your schoolmates had a greater influence on your pronunciation of the word 'scone'. Once you have decided, though, stick with your decision.


Here we go, then:

[Poll #389615]

[Poll #389616]

UPDATE: I've just realised that LJ's default method of displaying a poll is to display the questions until a person has answered them, and after that to display the answers (assuming the person remains logged in, of course). This means that no-one can see the results in the poll they didn't vote in, unless they actively click on it and go to look. I was wondering for ages why southern people seemed so much more inclined to vote that northern people... until I realised that northern people had been voting - it's just that, as a self-defined southerner, I couldn't see them.

If you're keen to see the results in the half you didn't vote in for now, you can go directly to the northern results here or the southern results here. Meanwhile, I will probably summarise them both in a separate post in the end anyway, assuming they reveal anything at all.
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It's confusing being a Midlander sometimes (for those unaware, I grew up in Birmingham).

Long and short 'a's )

But I digress from the real issue at stake: scones.

How this came up )

In any case, I now want to check up on where each pronunciation is most common with the help of you, gentle readers. I know that both are in use: but where does each prevail? Tell me which bits of Britain you think are busy eating skoans, and which parts are happily munching on skons instead.

[Poll #386998]
Apologies, incidentally, to the good people of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for not providing the option to further subdivide your (our?) regions: I'm only allowed a maximum of 15 options for this type of poll question, it transpires, so you will have to comment if you think different rules apply in different parts of your country. Comments on the typical pronunciation in English-speaking countries are, of course, also welcome.
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I know where I stand on this, but I want to find out what the majority of the people on my friends list think.

I also haven't yet done a poll since getting a paid account, so it's about time I tried it out.

[Poll #374257]


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