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I'm working entirely from home this week, as it's 'reading week' at Warwick (although I still had to teach first years on Monday, because they don't get one). In the garden outside my window, lots of little birds are hopping around, rummaging for seeds and grubs, and chirruping as they do so. It's rather nice to have them keeping me company as I continue to edit chapter 3.

On this topic, I'm going to try out LJ's new 'insert picture' function, and see if it will let me put in a picture of my flat, so you can all see the garden I'm talking about. Here goes:

I live here )

Hmm, it's worked, but the image is smaller than I'd like. So, experiment conducted, but I think I'll use methods which allow me more control over my pictures in future. Anyway, the front part of the ground floor of the building in the photograph is my flat, so all the windows you can see at that level are mine. I am working just inside the window in the bottom right-hand corner, and the birds are jumping around in the large bush-type thing in front of it (although that is now, of course, leafless). Please pause to admire my rose (pink) and clematis (lilac).

Hell, let's have a picture of my bridge while we're at it. I've been meaning to post this for a while:

It's mine, I tell you - all mine! )

This crosses the railway to approach my house, and although it was built by the Council, it is, self-evidently, my personal property. I cross it every single time I leave the house, and my friends never cross it for any reason other than to get to my house. Ergo, mine. It is my equivalent of the large gates and tree-lined avenue which told visitors they were entering into the territory of a stately home. On the bridge, you can see the small, retreating forms of [ profile] edling, [ profile] johnnydefective and [ profile] angeoverhere.

Six Feet Under and Rome )

Oh, and all you legions of people who don't have [ profile] exler_rss on your friends list - you do know that it's a regular Dilbert feed, don't you? There are occasional short articles in Russian as well, actually, but they are easily ignored for the much higher proportion of daily Dilbert cartoons which you get. Just spreading the love, there.

Time for more of chapter 3, I do believe...
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Just a general public service announcement, because I know there are people out there who, like myself, were very upset when it seemed that the new series of The West Wing was only going to be shown on E4.

It now begins this Friday at 19:35 on Channel 4 - whoop! Can't imagine what caused the change in heart from showing the last series late at night on something like a Tuesday, to putting this one on at prime-time on a Friday, but I ain't complaining.

Continuing on the TV-related theme, I know from episode guides that last night's episode of Six Feet Under, which I taped, is a very scary one in which David gets abducted and nearly killed, and has prompted much debate on US-based discussion boards. I shan't be able to see it tonight, as it's Sci-Fi / Goth night here in Belfast, but I'm hoping to get to watch it either tomorrow morning while I'm waiting for the NTL guy to come and install all my lovely cable-based goodies, or tomorrow evening (if he spoils the first plan by coming too early!). I hope it doesn't make me either a) paranoid that the NTL man is going to kill me or b) unable to sleep the night alone in my flat (depending on when I watch it).
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Whee! The new series of Six Feet Under is coming up on Channel 4! This is what DigiGuide has to say on the matter:

DRAMA: Six Feet Under
Channel: Channel 4
Date: Tuesday 17th August 2004
Time: 23:05 to 00:20 (starting in 13 days)
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Falling Into Place.
Darkly comic drama series. In an attempt to honour his late wife Lisa's last wishes, Nate finds himself at odds with Lisa's family. David and Keith look for new ways to start over in their relationship. Federico seeks a priest for absolution, while his wife, Vanessa, tires of her sister Angelica. Claire shares a secret with ex-lover Russell and Brenda gets to know her neighbour Joe better.

Starring: Peter Krause, Michael C Hall, Ben Foster, Rachel Griffiths, Justin Theroux, Lauren Ambrose
(New Series, Subtitles, 5 Star)

Now if only Channel 4 could see their way to screening the new series of The West Wing, rather than restricting it to E4.... :(


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