Thursday, 24 February 2011

Snap happy

Thursday, 24 February 2011 10:29
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Following on from my last post about cameras, I have now made my purchase. :-)

I did go to Jessops in the end, rather than PC World, and although they were very busy, the guy there was really helpful. I had a good look at the Fuji Finepix I'd been interested in previously, but decided that although it is obviously a good camera, it probably was rather larger than I would realistically want to carry around on a regular basis. So I then looked at the Sony Cyber-shot and Canon Ixus, and was almost going to buy the Ixus.

But I also asked the guy whether there was anything else in the shop along similar lines which he thought I should take a look at first, and he pointed me towards the Samsung EX1. I'd already said that part of what I wanted the camera for was to take photos in museums and on archaeological sites, so the reason he thought I'd be interested was that it has a really sensitive lens which performs well in low light. But it also has a flippy-tippy screen (technical term!), which I had on my old camera and loved. So between those two things I was sold. Plus it was £10 cheaper than the Ixus - so it was wins all round, really.

I've charged up the battery now, loaded up an SD card, and had a preliminary go at taking some pictures in my house. The lens really is amazing. It took interior shots in the middle of winter and with voile curtains over the windows without needing a flash, and all the details are clear and crisp and the colours are sharp and well-balanced. Plus the screen is great - it's about twice the size of the one on my old camera, so it feels enormous at the moment.

I'm about to head over to York for the day with the lovely [ profile] ms_siobhan, so should hopefully get plenty of opportunities to try it out properly over the course of the day. You can expect the results on an LJ near you before long.

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